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We are dedicated to ensuring that builders install our homes in a manner that ensures the homeowner receives the safest and most durable home possible. This section contains supplemental information that is applicable to all brands. This section provides additional information that addresses issues not contained in the manual. Much of this information has been provided by other builders or inspectors to help raise the bar on the overall quality of the installation of the home. We have reviewed this information and believe it to be technically correct.

Builders should review local codes and requirements before implementing information contained in this section.

Our Installation Manuals provide one method to install your home. We recognize that there are numerous alternative stabilizing systems available to our builders, all of which could not be included in our installation manuals. The systems listed in this section have been designed by registered professional engineers and approved by third party inspection agencies (DAPIA) for use with our HUD coded homes. Systems listed in this section have met the requirements of the applicable HUD regulations, however their inclusion does not signify our endorsement of any particular system or product.

Builders, please note that these systems are not approved for use with our modular coded homes.

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